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Gary Fieldman Quartet
Field Effect
With the sound of perhaps a late 70's ECM recording, and the mood of Miles' classic 'Kind of Blue' this disc will please a wide range of listeners. It is real, improvised Jazz, with great, unedited performances by four of Boston's up and coming players, but it stays firmly inside the world of melody, never straying too far 'outside'. Hard core, adventurous jazz fans may not like it, but most everyone else will. Compositions are by the band. The selection is a segment of 'THE WARM CALL' Gary Fieldman-drums, Bhob Rainey-Soprano sax, Thomson Kneeland-bass, Alex Lacamoire - Fender Rhodes.
01. El
02. The Warm Call
03. Laura in the Pangees
04. Really
05. Long White Beard
06. Coffee Coffee
07. Emily
08. Harvest Moon
09. Blue