Rotary Records is a recording studio in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The studio occupies the entire second floor of a 200 year old church. We spent three years renovating the building and constructing 3,500 square feet of studio space. The live room has 23 foot ceilings and plenty of room for a large horn or string section. There are three iso rooms, and a "dead" space with smaller acoustics but still connected to the big room, all with plenty of glass and good sight lines. Every space has windows to the outside for lots of natural light and views and all have been fully treated for great acoustics. The control room has mastering quality monitoring and acoustics. Speakers are SLS mains and Bag End subs configured for both stereo and 5.1 surround monitoring. Recording is Pro Tools HD with sampling up to 192khz. We can record, mix and master a project, or mix or master projects recorded elsewhere. Samples of our work can be found in the "music" section.