Why Pro Tools?

If you're a studio veteran you can skip this page, but if you're new to recording here are a few of the benefits of a serious Pro Tools rig. Yes, the days of ‘only tape sounds good’ are long gone. Pro Tools gives you speed, efficiency, and power that tape based systems can’t touch, and with Digidesign's latest HD version high quality 24 bit converters, (at sampling rates up to 192khz) the sound is great – dead flat and dead quiet. (You really like tape hiss and distortion? We can add it later) Tracking goes incredibly fast, saving money and aggravation. Plus, while you’re tracking, we’re already building the mix. Multi band compressors, parametric EQ, gates, delays, panning, reverb sends, amp simulators, de-essers, auto tune – all are totally automated and will be recalled every time the session is loaded. Most projects will track and mix in about half the time of tape based sessions, and the huge cost of one or two inch tape is eliminated. Then, bring the mix home on a cd, live with it a while, call in a change a week (or year) later. We load the song, make the change, and the rest of the mix sounds exactly the same.

Now, the other huge benefit – editing. Fix a note, line up a harmony vocal, tighten up the drummers time, fix out of tune vocals, these are all quick and easy with Pro Tools. Jazz bands love the technology because a great performance need not be tossed
just because the ending was sloppy. Just splice on that tight ending from the previous take! Yes, the whole thing can be glued on in an edit that’s so good, even the players won’t hear where it is. Or, that huge clam in the middle of a brilliant solo is fixed in seconds, even if it’s a month later and the player is touring Europe. We just grab the right note from somewhere else in the performance. ( Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but we do it all the time)

Finally, mastering. We have the tools to turn your mixes into finished masters. And because the files are already in the computer, you will save money over an outside mastering house. We have mastered 90% of the cd’s we’ve produced.